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16 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins for 2021

Affiliate marketing has quickly become one of the best ways to make a steady income online. With nearly 30% of all websites online powered by WordPress, it’s no wonder why bloggers have been turning to affiliate programs like Amazon Associates to streamline their income.

Whether you’re looking to monetize your existing traffic or considering building out a brand-new Amazon website, there are numerous WordPress plugins that make making more money easier than ever.

What You Will Learn
  • Advantages of Using an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin
  • Free Amazon WordPress Plugins
    • EasyAzon
    • WordPress Table Builder
    • Amazon JS
    • Amazon Link
    • Amazon Product In A Post Plugin
    • Amazon Associates Link Builder
    • AmazonSimpleAdmin
    • Amazon Link Engine
  • Paid Amazon WordPress Plugins
    • Amazon Affiliate for WordPress
    • AAPro
    • WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates
    • Azonberg
    • WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack
    • GutenSearch
    • Amazon eStore Affiliates
    • Thirsty Affiliates
    • Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of Using an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Some plugins were introduced to save you a great deal of time, others give you the ability to sell on multiple Amazon platforms, but one thing’s for certain is they all help you put together a website that maximizes your affiliate commission.

Below are some of the biggest advantages of using an Amazon affiliate plugin if you’re using a WordPress website.

  • Connects a website directly to Amazon’s Product Advertising API which ensures information like pictures, price and description are always up to date
  • Automates adding product-related information saving you countless hours
  • Longer “Cookie” time than the standard 24-hour cookie
  • Automatically adds your unique tracking id’s
  • Cleans up ugly affiliate URLs

Top 16 Amazon WordPress Plugins Reviewed

There are numerous free and paid Amazon WordPress plugins that can help your SEO efforts, all of which will allow you to sell and make affiliate income on the world’s biggest platform. Below we break down the best of the best while listing out the price, pros, and cons of each.

Free Amazon WordPress Plugins

Below is the best tried and tested Amazon WordPress plugins that can generate you more affiliate income without costing you a penny.


Price – Free

One of the most downloaded Amazon plugins of all time is EasyAzon. There’s a free and paid version, both of which will save you time and help you increase your affiliate income. The free version EasyAzon allows you to create unique tracking links from directly within the WordPress editor.

It’s free to use the plugin and you’ll need a free Associates account. The plugin keeps all product information up to date using the Amazon API where you’ll need an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key which are also free. The access keys make it possible to request product information regularly and completely automates the process.

The free plugin supports link localization and can be done right from the WP dashboard. There is also a slew of settings allowing you to add the no-follow attribute to links and target a new window or same window. here is a good post to read about Best SEO Suits

The paid version called EasyAzon4 gives you everything above and premium features including:

  • Product pop-ups
  • Enable or disable “Add to Cart”
  • Increased Cookies from 24 hours to 90 days
  • Create product information blocks
  • Cloak affiliate links
  • Redirects visitors to local Amazon storefront
  • Create a call to actions

Download EasyAzon – Free

Download EasyAzon 4 – $47

WordPress Table Builder

Price – Free

If you’re looking to create engaging product tables that convert, then meet WP Table Builder. As the name suggests, this Amazon WP plugin creates amazing tables that can be inserted directly into posts and pages using a shortcode. Creating engaging product tables is simple using the simple drag and drop editor.

This plugin is perfect for affiliate marketers, business owners, startups, bloggers, and virtually anyone who has a WordPress website looking to generate more income. The tables are fully responsive across all mobile devices and you’ll never have to worry about writing a single line of code.

Notable features include:

  • Open links in the new tab
  • Customize size and color of buttons
  • Show ordered and unordered lists
  • Change text color and font size
  • Change image size, alt text, and alignment

Get WP Table Builder

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon JS

Price – Free

If you’re looking for a free Amazon plugin that provides a bit more customization, then this plugin is for you. Amazon JS allows you to customize the display style using a jQuery template. The plugin offers multi-country support through Amazon Advertising API and submit your Access key and serves site visitors relevant information from where they’re searching from.

You can also add an Amazon search bar directly into posts and pages allowing visitors to search directly on your site before linking to Amazon by ASIN, URL, or keyword. This is great for boosting your affiliate commissions. The search results are then displayed directly by adding a shortcode.

Download Amazon JS

Price – Free

As their name suggests, Amazon Link was introduced for easily adding affiliate links directly to WordPress posts and pages. This is a great plugin for those interested in optimizing their site as the plugin caches product details helping minimize page load speed.

Other highlight features of the Amazon Link plugin include link localization, language translation based on where the searcher’s location, and various text and image links including flash widgets.

There are also many available templates included like Amazon My Favorites Widget, Amazon carousel widget, MP3 clips widget, and Wishlist which are all proven to convert. If you have something else in mind, you can create a custom template and add it to any page, post, or widget.

Download Amazon Link

Amazon Product In A Post Plugin

Price – Free

The Amazon Product in a Post Plugin is one of the most popular Amazon plugins of all time. This plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress suppository for free and sets itself apart from other plugins with its ease of importing new products.

By using the individual ASIN, you can upload as many products as you want either in existing posts or pages of new ones by using a shortcode. Simply create an Associates account which is free and import as many products you want directly on a review page using Amazon Product Advertising API keys. This way you can rest assured that all information is correct and updated regularly.

This Amazon WordPress plugin is highly recommended if you’re creating a review site. You can easily create single product reviews or Top 10 format reviews and add in one or multiple affiliate products on the same page.

You can add Amazon reviews and even the product description making it easy to create a storefront with tens of thousands of products with ease.

Download Amazon Product In A Post Plugin

Price – Free

The original Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress was introduced by Amazon itself and is one of the easiest ways of importing Amazon products directly into a page or post. The inbuilt Link Builder significantly decreases the time it takes to create affiliate links and add them to a page.

Without the plugin, it would take you hours to create a few affiliate links and add them to a page, but now you can add products from within the WordPress editor. The Link Builder plugin will do all the heavy lifting and keep the product information up to date including availability, price, and description. You can easily create text links, ad sets, and widgets.

Because the plugin is created by Amazon, you’ll never have to worry about being TOS compliant which is one of the biggest problems that plague Amazon affiliate websites.

Download Amazon Associates Link Builder


Price – Free

AmazonSimpleAdmin is just that, it’s a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to increase your affiliate income with ease. The simple to use interface and setup will have you netting more money faster than you realize and the best part is it’s a free download.

The plugin connects to Amazon directly using an API. This helps keep product information like price, images, description, and in/out of stock up to date which takes away much of the manual updating process.

Users have come to appreciate the many in-built templates which make setting up an entire storefront simple. For those looking for a bit more pizazz, you can design your own template for a truly unique storefront. AmazonSimpleAdmin also supports link localization allowing you to set up a storefront in multiple countries with their own native language.

Download AmazonSimpleAdmin

Price – Free

If you’re looking to cash in on other Amazon markets than the US, then you need a plugin that streamlines link localization. The Amazon Link Engine automatically localizes the links based on the users ip address allowing them to check out on their local Amazon site.

Without link localization, searchers from countries other than the US get served products from Amazon US which detracts from the user interface, and most importantly, doesn’t allow you to earn affiliate commissions from other Amazon platforms.

Besides link localization, this free Amazon plugin for WordPress does a great job creating dynamic reports for clicks and commissions. This is needed if you’re wanting to scale your Amazon business by tweaking your site to improve metrics like CTR and even narrowing the data down to browser, referrer, geography, and device netting you more income.

Not bad considering this Amazon plugin is 100% free and one of the most popular downloads for Amazon affiliates.
Download Amazon Link Engine

Paid Amazon WordPress Plugins

If you’re really looking to take your Amazon business to a whole new level, check out any of the paid plugins that are packed full of features.

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress

Price – $50

The Amazon Affiliates for WordPress plugin does all the hard work for you creating affiliate links for your complete with your unique tracking ID. If you’re looking to generate the most money from your WordPress website, the plugin has geo-targeting built-in allowing you to connect users with their local storefront generating more affiliate commission.

Typical Amazon plugins connect users with the US Amazon storefront only, missing out on up to 40% more commissions from international sales. Aside from geo-targeting, the plugin makes use of the Amazon API helping keep product info up to date like price, description, and images saving you tons of time from manual updates.

Load times are also improved with inbuilt cashing and you can use comparison tables if you’re interested in creating amazing review websites.


  • Can be used with any WP theme
  • Supports shortcodes and widgets
  • Amazon Product Advertising API automatically updates product information
  • Automatically creates links with unique affiliate ID
  • Reduces server load with automatic caching
  • Responsive across all mobile devices
  • Includes premade templates
  • Customizable templates
  • Best-seller and new product lists
  • Geo-targeting
  • Can be translated into multiple languages
  • Support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Supports man 3rd party tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and more

Download Amazon Affiliate for WordPress


Price – $39

AAPro is the most downloaded paid Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress after E-commerce Plugin, and there are numerous reasons why. Out of the box, the plugin significantly decreases the amount of time it takes to create links, localizes links sending users to a local Amazon storefront, improves SEO, and has numerous options allowing you to match the look and feel of your website.

Once downloaded, it’s simple to set up the plugin and start generating more affiliate income. Setup takes as little as 5 minutes and product information can be uploaded multiple ways and always stays up to date while connected to Amazon API.


  • Auto import scheduler to import of products directly to page and post
  • Direct import products directly to page and post
  • On-site cart allowing users to shop and add to cart without leaving your website
  • Uptime server status
  • Advanced analytics dashboard to check and download statistics including user behavior
  • Connects to Amazon API
  • Takes 5 minutes to setup
  • Inbuilt premium themes that allow customization
  • Multi-search methods
  • Import products via CSV
  • Tag products using badges
  • Display updated product information including description, reviews, and price
  • Responsive
  • Supports shortcodes and widgets

Download AAPro

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

Price – $49

If you’re running WooCommerce on WordPress and looking for a simple, intuitive way of importing Amazon products then this plugin is for you. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin makes searching, finding, and importing products simple thanks to the advanced search and bulk import feature allowing you to search for products by category or keyword.

Product info will always stay up to date thanks to the inbuilt “Synchronization Module”. The plugin generates a sales description that’s completely unique displaying variants, images, descriptions,s, and images.

Helping keep your WP site loading fast, the plugin downloads images and product details separately. You can even improve the site speed even further by using Amazon’s CDN to serve images directly


  • Sync products without PA API Keys
  • Regularly updates product information like availability, price, variations, and more
  • Automated content spinner automatically creates custom description upon import
  • Numerous search options including keyword, department, featured, new items by price
  • WZone eBay addon allows you to import products from eBay
  • Geo-targeting
  • 90-day cookie
  • Product statistics
  • Takes 1 second to import 1 product
  • Cross-sell to sell related products and recommendations

Download WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates


Price – $15

If you’re using the new Gutenberg WordPress editor, then the Azonberg plugin maybe your best option. This plugin does most of what the other paid plugins in this review do which saves you time from importing products manually and keeping them up to date.

Importing new products is simple and can be done by creating an ASIN list and importing the whole list at once from a CSV file. There’s both direct checkout and add to cart giving you a 90-day cookie and more affiliate commission and there are both inbuilt templates that are completely customizable.


  • Custom template
  • 90-day cookie
  • Geo-targeting
  • Direct checkout and add to cart
  • Product pagination
  • Single-click import from CSV
  • Numerous online documentation and How-to videos

Download Azonberg

WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack

Price – $70

The Amazon Associates Bundle Pack from WooZone gives you everything you need to create an amazing Amazon store in no time. Everything is included in the pack including the Kingdom theme which is a premium WooCommerce Affiliates Theme specifically designed to increase conversions and is optimized for search engines.

Everything in the bundle makes it simple to bulk import products, geo-target visitors, keep product information updated, create SEO optimized product pages, display Amazon search results on your page, on-site cart and get affiliate commissions for a full 90 days.


  • WZone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates
  • Additional Variation Images Plugin for WooCommerce
  • SearchAzon – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Auto Search Plugin
  • Kingdom – Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme

Download WooZone


Price – $15

Another Amazon WordPress plugin that utilized the Gutenberg editor is GutenSearch. This plugin adds a new set of features within the editor allowing you to import products directly into your post or page without leaving the editor. This will save you a ton of time over manually importing the products from Amazon.

GutenSearch targets visitors locally allowing products to be viewed from their local storefront. This helps you get more affiliate commission by connecting to all Amazon storefronts globally. For those looking to match product information with their existing website, the template can be customized to your own preference.


  • Direct checkout and add to cart
  • 90-day cookie
  • Does not require API Keys
  • Geo-targeting
  • Allows you to search and post products on any page or post without leaving the Gutenberg editor
  • Embeddable search bar allowing customers to search Amazon products without leaving your site
  • Design can be customized including color, ratings, font, and text
  • Multiple product layouts to choose from
  • Works with any major WP theme
  • Product pagination
  • Documentation tutorials and videos

Download GutenSearch

Amazon eStore Affiliates

Price – $39

The Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin is another great plugin that gives you a ton of options. This is highly recommended if you’re looking to create a fully up and running Amazon affiliate site in minutes with thousands of products. Searching and importing a product based on keywords is simple or you can schedule import tasks that will run on autopilot.

This plugin also helps improve site speed by importing products directly from Amazon CDN. There’s no need to upgrade your server as shared hosting is more than enough. Also, for those worried about duplicate content, you can import unique content for each product thanks to the spinner module that automates the entire process.


  • Automated spinner content module
  • View product statistics including how many times added to cart, how many times viewed, and more
  • Improved SEO product optimization
  • Bulk import products by category, subcategory or keyword
  • Mass import product via CSV
  • Link globalization allowing you to maximize commissions by selling through local storefronts
  • Integrates with Facebook to sell directly on your FB store
  • 1-second import for a single product
  • Add an image gallery to the product page
  • Cross-sell products based on relevancy and recommendations
  • Import images directly from Amazon CloudFront

Download Amazon eStore Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates

Price – $49

The Thirsty Affiliates plugin is a great tool for selling all sorts of affiliate products including Amazon. Where this plugin really stands out is giving users the ability to protect their commissions from theft.

The plugin also does a great job cloaking and turning ugly, long affiliate links into attractive links that can easily be added to any page or post. It’s no wonder why this plugin has been downloaded over 400,000 times by marketers just like you with many seeing a 10X increase in affiliate income.


  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • Country targeting through geolocation links
  • Proactively checks and notifies you of 404 errors
  • 3rd party link importing including Amazon Products API
  • Automatically creates smart links from keywords
  • Amazon TOS compliant with Smart Link Uncloaking
  • Easily import and export links via CSV